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Women’s Technology Coalition (Women’s Tech Co.) is a consciously diverse and inclusive non-profit organization focused on leveling the playing field for professional women by inspiring and deepening technical knowledge.

We create interactive environments quarterly with our Evening Series Events and monthly with Commonality Lunches for forward thinking technologists and entrepreneurs to connect and succeed. Our allies are encouraged to be active contributors to the community, this is not a women-only organization.



by valuing diversity.



to disrupt.


of limitless innovation.


to be authentic.


to pursue.


Cultivate opportunities to

encourage the doubtful to ask that question;

inspire the pessimist to pursue that idea they've been chewing on; nudge the introvert to take a chance on introducing themselves; 

enlighten the industry veteran to bond like-minded

professionals​;and bring niche communities together.

We push boundaries exploring the unknown.






President and Founder

Bri is the Founder and President of Women’s Technology Coalition. She has a professional background building a revenue-generating book of business for startup and midsize technical staffing, and information security consulting companies. With a particular interest in entrepreneurial opportunities, she has opened and helped expand Dallas branch offices including being a founding team member, recruited to help launch Zyston.


She has leveraged her photojournalism degree from Texas Tech University into a career in the information technology industry, while also putting it to work digitally and creatively doing freelance photography. 

Formerly, Bri volunteered with WITI Dallas and then stepped in to the Dallas Network Director role with the organization. Bri was also involved as a volunteer Committee Chair for Girls Who Code rolling out programs at select DFW schools and for the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas. She is also currently on the Board of Advisors for the Cyber Law Consortium, which is launching soon. 

She is passionate about empowering younger generations, women and underserved communities to pursue STEM/STEAM careers, especially in cybersecurity.  Bri is intentionally active in the local tech and startup communities with the occasional opportunities to be a speaker, panelist and moderator. 


You wouldn’t be reading this if it weren’t for the encouragement, and support Bri gets from her friends, family, and especially her own Wonder Woman - Madre, thank you. I love you!


Vice President

Our former Vice President, Tracey Nolte, seize the opportunity to relocate to Denver, CO to build out a Microsoft Technology and Innovation Center. We have enormous shoes to fill but with her continued support, we're looking for someone to step up and help us grow Women's Technology Coalition. 


Operations/Program Management

Ashley is an Advertising and Marketing professional with 8 years of experience in customer journey research, multichannel marketing campaigns, social and direct mail research and strategy. She has been blessed in her career, working her way up in a Fortune 500 company, upholding a lead Client Services position on one of the most healthy, well-oiled, successful 40+ person team and growing. 


The last 4 years Ashley has been dedicated to leading the Capital One partnerships team, managing cross-channel creative executions, covering acquisitions, customer management and small business campaigns. It has been her duty and passion to understand who the audience is to determine what their needs and wants are in order to successfully build and foster relationships.  


In addition to her day-to-day career life, Ashley is responsible for planning and managing quarterly on-site and off-site events for clients such as T-Mobile, Nestle, Takis and Capital One KRAFT. 


In both Ashley's work and personal life, she takes great pride in facilitating fun, seamless and engaging team events. Nothing is more satisfying to her than knowing a colleague, client, friend or family member walks away feeling inspired, confident, excited or valued. Small touches of personality and love go a long way in her book!



Renee is the Treasurer for Women’s Technology Coalition and is responsible for finance/accounting, HR and legal. Renee’s drive for education and learning has led to unique opportunities and a career progression off the beaten path. It started out in purchasing, which led to a promotion into accounting within a design build company, Jauregui, Inc.


A manufacturer in the burn-in test industry, Plastronics Socket Company took a chance moving Renee to Dallas and giving her an opportunity as Assistant Controller without the years of experience typically required for the position. While discovering in business it really is sink or swim, this role allowed her to gain a solid foundation in complex accounting principles. A system implementation was the catalyst for a role change from Finance to the operations team as Master Scheduler. This allowed for a greater global perspective of the business many do not see and cemented the desire to understand all aspects of what makes a company tick.


Renee is currently a Financial Analyst at Strasburger, a Dallas law firm, which unifies her triple loves of finance, organization and operations.


Marketing Communications

Our former Marketing Director, Denielle Waite, has stepped into a new exciting adventure pursuing her MBA while she continues to build on her career at Trinity Industries as the Senior Manager of Employer Brand. She is a one of a kind but we'd love your help in expanding our social media and digital presence.



Coalition Partnerships

This is a new and CRITICAL leadership role in our community. We need you!


Operations/Program Management

Fatima is a fierce champion for women in tech. A catalyst for innovation, Fatima is an information technology leader with a passion for cyber security and solving tough problems.


She currently holds the position of Quality Engineering Lead at Zix, an innovative email encryption and data loss prevention firm, and is pursuing her Master's in Business Administration at UT Austin's McCombs School of Business. She has an prodigious background in all facets of agile project management, software development, and quality engineering, as well as streamlining and improving processes to enhance productivity. Fatima is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) as well as Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology.


An avid world traveller, Fatima has trekked extensively through Europe, Asia, and Central America. She speaks 4 languages to including Urdu, Hindi, Spanish and Arabic, and is currently studying French. Fatima is also passionate about human rights, and is an activist and community organizer. She has been a voracious reader since childhood, and spends most of her free time reading. 



Tracey is the Experience Design Leader at Slalom Consulting and the Slalom Experience Design Community leader.  Additionally, Tracey is the former Director or Women in Technology. For five years as the WITI Director, Tracey led and organized the women's organization Dallas events with top speakers and premier locations. She is also a public speaker at WITI, Microsoft, Big Design and multiple other events. Her focus is targeted at connecting, engaging and empowering women to connect and learn about emerging/disruptive technologies. She is passionate about technical education, innovation, networking and coaching/mentoring young women launching careers in technology.  

Tracey's mission is to empower women worldwide to achieve unimagined possibilities and transformations through technology, leadership and social connection. She believes that exposure to new experiences, people and innovation creates connection, understanding and life/job enrichment.  

In her free time, Tracey is a creator/maker. She makes custom costumes, special effects makeup, digital art, websites, videography, photography, writes stories/novels and plays the violin. She loves storytelling, art and design.  Her hero is her mother, who passed away from cancer, but left a legacy of giving to the homeless, being a woman of strong work ethic and providing a loving, open home to friends in need. 



Cynthia Heyn is the Co-Editor, Founder and Managing Partner of SMARTnTX. She is product innovation leader, creating end-to-end product strategy and execution for Internet of Things (IoT) / Machine to Machine (M2M), Data driven analytics, Smart Grid and Smart Cities initiatives. Specializing in market introduction of new technology, turnaround strategies and crisis management, She possesses a passion for new leading edge technology and practical implementation of existing technology to provide intelligent solutions to solve every day as well as highly complex problems.

A life long learner with an unusually broad background in Executive management in Telecommunications and Information Technology and experience in the corporate, consulting and not for profit sectors,  She enjoyed a number of years living in working in Germany and Sweden, with extensive corporate international experience managing markets around the globe.  The ability to recognize industry disruption and offer thought leadership for emerging products and markets is one of Cynthia’s greatest strengths.



Sheri Jenkinson is a Catalyst for Culture Change, an Activator of Big Ideas and a Champion for Equity through Technology. She is the Founder and CEO of WATT (Women Advancing Technology Together) International. Her entrepreneurial journey began with a goal of addressing engagement, resilience and interdependence challenges in corporate culture. This led her to become a coach and an organizational change management consultant. Her recent research findings around gender diversity and the gaps in workforce capacity and skill sets are now taking her down the path of organizational design, team optimization and development of sustainable cultures.

Prior to founding WATT, Sheri played key roles in developing innovative technologies, creating profitable business strategies and building key relationships with C-level partners and customers for large corporations and startups, including Verizon, VeriSign, Capgemini and River Logic. The networks and applications that she has worked with have changed our everyday lives as consumers, including digital telephony, mobile gaming & commerce, and interactive TV.

Sheri earned her ACC coaching credentials through the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

She is on the Board of the DFW American Marketing Association, leading the CMO Advisory Council. Sheri has a B.S. in Business Logistics from Penn State and an M.B.A. in International Marketing from the University of Dallas.


This past January, she was privileged to travel to Bangladesh to help bridge the Digital and Cultural Divide by starting a new computer lab at the local elementary school, which included internet connectivity for the entire village.

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