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Let's excel in our own areas of expertise but commit to a united conversation.

By sharing the same vision, of

empowering women technologically, we want to unify organizational forces to advance professional women through collaborative partnerships (at no cost). Meanwhile, increasing visibility to a broader audience. 

This is Ubuntu Diplomacy: where all sectors belong as partners, where we all participate as stakeholders, and where we all succeed together, not incrementally but exponentially.


Elizabeth Frawley Bagley

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We’re thrilled to be partnering with our friends General Assembly for Womxn at Work — a virtual summit on March 8-12 of workshops, panel discussions, and interactive events aimed to elevate and celebrate womxn professionals in tech and business. This conference is free and open to the public! Bring a friend or two! 😉🎉


#WomxnAtWork #HitPlay #LifeAtGA


These partnerships are in-kind commitments to engage, encourage

and unite diverse communities of professionals.

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