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Let's excel in our own areas of expertise but commit to a united conversation.

By sharing the same vision, of

empowering women technologically, we want to unify organizational forces to advance professional women through collaborative partnerships (at no cost). Meanwhile, increasing visibility to a broader audience. 

This is Ubuntu Diplomacy: where all sectors belong as partners, where we all participate as stakeholders, and where we all succeed together, not incrementally but exponentially.


Elizabeth Frawley Bagley

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We’re thrilled to be partnering with our friends General Assembly for Womxn at Work — a virtual summit on March 8-12 of workshops, panel discussions, and interactive events aimed to elevate and celebrate womxn professionals in tech and business. This conference is free and open to the public! Bring a friend or two! 😉🎉


#WomxnAtWork #HitPlay #LifeAtGA


These partnerships are in-kind commitments to engage, encourage

and unite diverse communities of professionals.

  • What is the Coalition?
    A joint effort of organizations and communities of professionals working together as partners to build, support and celebrate successful women in their careers.
  • Why have a Coalition?
    We believe it's increasingly important to not only divide and conquer in our own areas of expertise, but also work together as niche communities for knowledge sharing and expanding networks.
  • Who should join this Coalition?
    You're an organization who highly values having women as an equal part of the conversation. You recognize business is more successful with women in the C-Suite and in leadership. Your membership, as a community, supports gender parity, equal compensation and actively works to create a level playing field of opportunity. You want to be on the forefront of transformation and big ideas, and to do so, it's imperative to have all hands on deck for open conversation and knowledge sharing-no matter the gender, race, religion, sexual preference or choice of programming language.
  • How can your organization join?
    Head over to our contact page and fill out the short form. Once we receive your request, we will follow up to set a time for an introductory call to get to know each other and explore how to best collaborate. No financial transactions are made between partners in this coalition. These are in-kind relationships and a shared commitment to further the lives and careers of professional women.
  • What is our Coalition Commitment and Accountability?
    We take you at your word. Women's Technology Coalition extends and expects the highest level of respect to be shown at all times, IRL and digitally. We are committed to being a safe and welcoming community of professionals-those who threaten to disrupt the sanctity of a safe and fun learning environment will swiftly be removed. We have a zero-tolerance policy for online and in-person hate speech, bullying, trolling, doxxing, bigotry, racism, predjudice and similar harmful behavior.
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