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Call for Volunteers: Launching Project Curiosity Lunch Program

We're looking forward to 2019 for a lot of reasons, and a big one is making this idea come to life!

Project Curiosity Lunch is a new program for Women's Technology Coalition where we will bring professionals to schools to have lunch with 5th-12th grade students to promote and educate about STE(A)M opportunities and careers.

Help us get the word out by using #WTCProjectCuriosity

We're starting our "Call for Volunteers" today for our FIRST EVER Project Curiosity Lunch in January to be hosted at a DFW school, who we're excited to announce soon. We expect this to take 2 hours of your day over lunchtime, which would include travel to and from the school.

We will also be selecting a sponsor to support this endeavor for the year. A great opportunity to engage employees and build company culture through giving back! Reach out if this aligns with your company values.

This is the brainchild of WTC Founder, Bri Crow, and here's how she frames the idea:

"Here's what I believe to be true from a student's perspective:

  • If their parents say something is's not "cool".

  • If their teacher says something is's not "cool".

  • If a random stranger dressed up professionally sits down next to them, relates to their interests with the distraction of food and then happens to talk about how cool their job is and what opportunities exist for the student based on their's "cool" enough to generally keep their attention for the length of lunch. Generally.

What I'm focused on is the 3rd party perspective being injected quickly to hopefully get a spark of interest. It's also worth noting...this should be done for so many other career paths, tradesman and teaching included! #CareerDay #TakeYourKidToWorkDay

This is an effort to make quick igniting connections with students about what science, technology, engineering and math looks like applied in the real world."

Parents, teachers and school administration professionals, would you be interested in championing us (internally at the school) to come to your campus in 2019?

For questions or sponsorship and partnership inquiries, feel free to email

To be a volunteer, visit our contact page or email us with the subject line "Project Curiosity Volunteer".

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