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[RECAP] August #WTCPhD Event

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Thank you to the great audience who joined us for #WTCPhD and brought their curiosity with questions for our PhD experts. The feedback from everyone has been positive and thank you for taking a chance with us trying a unique event format! We want to keep doing the things that are working and learn from those that aren't, so please know your feedback and constructive criticism is always welcome here! You can email any time.

"One of my favorite takeaways from the night was having Steve (from the Fort Worth PMI chapter one of our featured #CoalitionPartners) and his daughter join us. He heard about the event through the FW PMI newsletter which exemplifies one of the critical reasons we have partners - bringing together professionals from various networks. I say it often but collaboration really does breed innovation! Not to mention, we're not a women-only organization. Everyone is welcome!
To have Steve learn about the event through our partnership with FW PMI and then bring his daughter who is 17 (pictured below, bottom right), planning to study neuroscience and pursue a PhD - that's the magic we want to build on!She now not only has a supportive community to reach out to, but she met inspirational women and actually won one of our fabulous giveaway prizes. This particular prize was a favorite of mine, the book "In the Company of Women: Inspiration and Advice from over 100 Makers, Artists, and Entrepreneurs" and our traditional pack of "Thank You" cards challenging the winners to write thank you notes to those who impact their lives and career." - Bri Crow

Included below are some follow up points and opportunities from our Experts as well as photos from the evening.

From Dr. Brandi Cantarel and the UT Southwestern team:

  • LinkedIn Profile:

  • The general public is invited to UT Southwestern Campus on Saturday, November 3 for “Science Saturday;” this will be a festival-like event focusing on the science underway at UTSW across departments; kids and adults are welcome! (registration link to be up and posted soon - check back here for update!)

  • 2) Brandi’s team is working on a cool event, a #Hackathon, as part of their participation in the Super Computing Conference in Dallas this November:

From Dr. Jennifer Edwards:

  • LinkedIn Profile:

  • Dr. Edwards hosts an Annual Women's Wellness Event, to learn more and access her other resources, visit

From Dr. Sherrika Sanders:

  • LinkedIn Profile:

  • Be sure to connect with her on LinkedIn and reach out with any questions. She's known as a fabulous mentor and has a wealth of valuable knowledge.

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