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[RECAP] Q1 Evening Series Event | February #WTCcoaches

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

Five professional coaches shared with us some of their best tips for managing your career.

Below are a few nuggets of insight our team captured. Share your takeaways and thoughts about the event using #WTCcoaches.

The Coaches: How to reach them, what they have coming up and programs to get involved in...

  • Judy Hoberman - Her new book, Walking on the Glass Floor: Seven Essential Quality of Women Who Lead, has officially launched! Buy it here. Contact her here.

  • Tanis Cornell - Take advantage of the generous discount for EWF International's Emerging Leader Program by referencing Women's Tech Co. in your application here.

  • Rocky Garza - Work with him one-on-one, bring him in to your company for a workshop, or suggest him as a keynote speaker for an upcoming event. Learn more here.

  • Kelley Johnson - Leverage her expertise in executive sourcing, diversity & inclusion strategy, and leadership coaching in for talent management. Learn more here.

  • Pat Alva-Kraker - Check out her eBook Seven Self-Care Practices for the Busy Woman here. Explore her program The Joyous Journey into Entrepreneurship or contact her here.


"Do not volunteer for a task that doesn't make a direct contribution to your career success." - Judy Hoberman

In other words ladies, unless you really truly want to be the one planning the office party, don't volunteer, and instead find something that will build your resume. - Bri

"When you devalue yourself, you give others leverage to take advantage of you." - Tanis Cornell

Don't be your own mean girl. Stand tall, shoulders back and ignore that voice trying to chime in with irrelevant nonsense. - Bri

"What's your buzz? What do people say about you when you're not in the room? It's important to understand current state, before you create a strategy." - Rocky Garza

Really want to get serious about it? Create a 3-4 question survey on SurveyMonkey and set responses to be anonymous. Now send it to 5 people who you interact with professionally. What 3 words would they use to describe you? What would they recommend you ramp up on to enhance your career even further? Do you adapt to change well? (hint: these are all questions asked in 'checking references' for employers...why not get a head start to see what they would say and use it for personal reflection? - Bri

"You have to be aware of who the players are in your organization. Draw a network map of who they are and who influences them." - Kelley Johnson

Internal politics and managing up both heavily rely on influence. Who is pitching who to gain buy-in? You need executive support for an idea you have but who else can you share the idea with to show momentum and validation? Careful to not share the idea explicitly or detailed in writing. Not that someone would never know who will sneak off claiming credit for your idea. Knowing the tenured employees in your company on a personal level can be invaluable. You don't have to hang out on the weekends but...offer to buy them lunch. - Bri

"Success in life and business begins with self-mastery." - Pat Alva-Kraker

Ask yourself the hard questions. Take the self-assessments. Not the ones in the back of magazines or on Facebook to determine "Which Slightly Misremembered Office Space Quote Are You?". Check out StrengthsFinder, Myers Briggs, or a personal favorite...How to Fascinate. - Bri


  • "When you devalue yourself you give others leverage to take advantage of you." - Tanis

  • "Start by defining "influence" for you. How do you define it? How will you put it to work?" - Tanis

  • "Key to successful leaders is taking feedback. Take the hit." - Rocky

  • "If you're wearing a game face that is not authentic, you are going to be exhausted." - Rocky

  • "I decided not to let people turn me into who they are." - Rocky

  • "A good coach sees the potential you don't see in yourself. And the roadblocks you don't see." - Kelley

  • "Ask coaches who their ideal client is as you're evaluating who to work with." - Kelley

  • "Your coach should challenge you, not be a 'yes' coach." - Judy

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